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  • What Did Jesus Teach about Limited Atonement?

    The Ultimate Purpose of the Atonement Is the Glory of the Father Before determining for whom Christ died, it is necessary first to establish the ultimate purpose of his death. Doing so provides a starting point for evaluating other purposes and benefits of Christ’s death as stated in Scripture. According to the Synoptics and Johannine Literature, the ultimate purpose of Christ’s death is to display the glory of God definitively. The Son glorifies the Father by doing the work of the Father, which is to accomplish effectively the salvation of those whom the Father gave him. The Gospels repeatedly emphasize that everything Christ does is for the glory of the Father. According to John 1:14 , a result of the incarnation is that “we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” By alluding to Exodus 33–34 , John asserts that the same glory displayed to Moses is now visible in the incarnate Word. Just a few verses later John further explains that this same Word in the flesh “has made him [God] known” ( John 1:18 ). The Greek verb used here ( ἐξηγέομαι ) means “to provide detailed information in a systematic manner—‘to inform, to relate, to tell fully.’” The stunning point that John makes is that, as the Word-made-flesh, Jesus Christ is the fullest revelation of God. As such, John intends the reader to see that everything that Jesus says and does is a manifestation of God’s glory. Once Judas leaves to betray him, Jesus says to his remaining disciples, “Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God will also glorify him in himself, and glorify him at once.” By sending the betrayer off, Jesus sets in motion the chain of events that will lead to the ultimate expression of God’s glory—his sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection. Thus the ultimate sign that displays God’s glory is the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. Doing the Work of the Father Scripture does more than simply present the death of Jesus as glorifying the Father—it sets his death within the larger framework of the Son glorifying the Father by accomplishing the work that the Father gave him to do before he ever took on flesh. The Son agrees to display the glory of the Father by redeeming the people that the Father gave to him. As a result, these redeemed people will participate in the intra-Trinitarian communion shared by the Father and the Son from all eternity. Several passages in the Johannine literature describe this agreement. Let’s consider a particularly important one in the Bread of Life Discourse ( John 6:22–58 ), where Jesus explains the work that the Father gave him to do. After identifying himself as the Bread of Life, Jesus asserts, All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. And this is the will of him who sent me, that I should lose nothing of all that he has given me, but raise it up on the last day. For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. . . . No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day. ( John 6:37–40, 44 ) Several times in this section Jesus emphasizes that he has come down from heaven to accomplish the will of the Father. From this passage, the plan established by the Father and the Son may be summarized as follows: (1) the Father gives a specific group of people to the Son; (2) the Son comes down from heaven to do the Father’s will; (3) the Father’s will is for the Son to lose none of them but raise them on the last day; (4) these people come to the Son by looking on him and believing; (5) the Son gives them eternal life; (6) the Son will raise them on the last day; and (7) no one can come to the Son unless the Father who sent the Son draws them. Thus it is the Father’s election of a specific group of people that defines who comes to the Son and is raised on the last day. This progression seriously undermines the contention that “the decree of election is logically after the decree of atonement, where also, in fact, it belongs in the working out of the application of salvation. That is to say, the atonement is general, its application particular.” According to John 6:37–44 , the Father does not plan to send the Son to save everyone, and then only elect some, knowing that apart from such an election none would believe. Such a contention suggests that redemption circumscribes election; in other words, God’s general beneficence to all of mankind ultimately drives the atonement, and election is necessary only because without it none would believe. But John 6  indicates that the Father gives a specific group of people to the Son for whom he then  comes to die in order to give them eternal life. Particularism attends the planning and the making of the atonement, not just its application. Thus it is election that circumscribes the atonement, not the other way around. Jesus Died to Accomplish the Salvation of His People Complementary to the first point, there are many texts that specify that Jesus died for a particular group of people who are described in various ways. Matthew indicates from the very beginning of his Gospel that the work of Jesus is for his people. The angel of the Lord tells Joseph that Mary “will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins” ( Matt. 1:21 ). More than simply explaining the etymology of Jesus’s name, the angelic announcement indicates that the salvation which Jesus will accomplish is specifically for his people. The remainder of Matthew fleshes out the identity of “his people,” often with surprising results. Two passages in particular are crucial for determining the referent of “his people.” Matthew 20:28 Shortly before his final entry into Jerusalem, Jesus responds to the request of James and John for special places of honor in the Messianic kingdom ( Matt. 20:20–28 ). In contrasting greatness in the kingdom with greatness in this age, Jesus points to his own example when he states that “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many [ ἀντὶ πολλῶν ]” ( Matt. 20:28 ). Although it is possible to take “many” as synonymous with “all,” there are reasons to see a narrower reference. First, Jesus likely echoes the language of Isaiah 52:13–53:12 , where the Servant dies on behalf of the many. Within that passage, “the many” ( οἱ πολλοί  [LXX]) refers to those to whom the saving work of the Servant is actually applied, including not only Jews but “many nations” ( Isa. 52:15 ) as well. Second, the language of ransom ( λύτρον ) indicates the payment of a specific price (Jesus’s life) for the release of a specific people (many). His life is given in exchange for ( ἀντί ) that of the many, not for all without exception. Matthew 26:28 During the Last Supper ( Matt. 26:26–29 ), Jesus offers the cup to his disciples and explains, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins” ( Matt. 26:28 ). Just as the sprinkling of blood sealed a particular people in the old covenant ( Ex. 24:1–8 ), so here the inauguration of the new covenant requires Jesus to shed his blood for a particular people. That particular people is the “many” for whom Jesus gives his life as a ransom ( Matt. 20:28 ). The combination of “many” and “forgiveness of sins” here in Matthew 26:28  forges a link back to the angelic announcement in Matthew 1:21  that Jesus “will save his people from their sins.” Furthermore, this combination likely alludes again to the work of the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 . Thus “his people” in Matthew 1:21  is further clarified by the “many” in Matthew 20:28  and Matthew 26:28  for whom Jesus dies to forgive their sins. As the fulfillment of the OT hope, Jesus seals the new covenant by ransoming a particular people from their bondage to sin through his death and resurrection. These texts emphasize Jesus dying for a particular group of people rather than for humanity in general. Regardless of whether the term used is “many” or “his people,” the point remains the same: Jesus gave his life as a ransom for the eschatological people of God, composed of Jews and Gentiles who believe in him. Johannine Literature We find the same kind of particularist statements in the Johannine literature. But unlike the Synoptics, John also includes numerous statements about God’s election of a particular people to receive the benefits of Jesus’s death. In addition to John 6 , which was treated above, the following passages are particularly significant. In John 10:11–18 , Jesus presents himself as the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep ( John 10:11 ). Jesus further describes these sheep as “my own,” who know him “just as the Father knows me and I know the Father” ( John 10:15 ). But who are these sheep? They are the eschatological people of God, drawn from Jew and Gentile alike ( John 10:16 ). The religious leaders do not believe because they are not part of Jesus’s flock ( John 10:26 ). By contrast, Jesus’s sheep hear his voice, follow him, and are given eternal life ( John 10:27–28 ). They are his sheep because the Father gave them to the Son ( John 10:29 ). Notice that Jesus does not say that the religious leaders are not part of his flock because they do not believe. Rather, Jesus makes it clear that the unbelief of the religious leaders is an outworking of the fact that they are not his sheep. From this passage we see that Jesus’s sheep are a particular set of people that exist before they exercise faith in him, and that those who are not part of that divinely selected group do not believe (cf. John 8:47 ). As the Good Shepherd, Jesus lays down his life for a particular group of people (his sheep) in distinction from others (those who are not his sheep). John even describes Jesus’s enemies as testifying that his death was directed toward a particular group of people. In the wake of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, the Sanhedrin meets in an emergency session to discuss what to do about Jesus ( John 11:47–53 ). The high priest Caiaphas argues that “it is better for you that one man should die for the people, not that the whole nation should perish” ( John 11:50 ). John goes on to explain that Caiaphas was unwittingly prophesying “that Jesus would die for the nation, and not for the nation only, but also to gather into one the children of God who are scattered abroad” ( John 11:51–52 ). Whereas Caiaphas clearly means that the death of Jesus would spare the Jewish people from trouble with Rome, John sees the theological significance of the statement. Jesus’s death is for “the nation” (i.e., the Jewish people) as well as others who must be gathered into the united children of God. Following on the heels of the discussion of Jesus’s sheep in chapter 10, we should understand this as a reiteration of the idea that the true people of God, composed of Jew and Gentile alike, are the people for whom Jesus dies. As Jesus prepares his disciples for his impending death, he once again stresses that it is for a particular group of people. After commanding his disciples to love one another as he has loved them ( John 15:12 ), Jesus describes the nature of his love: “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” ( John 15:13 ). Just as the Good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, so here Jesus lays down his life for his friends out of love for them. This particular love for his friends is grounded in divine election: “You did not choose me, but I chose you” ( John 15:16 ). Summary This collection of texts, drawn primarily from the Johannine writings and supported by texts in the Synoptic Gospels as well, demonstrates that when Jesus lived, died, rose, ascended, and interceded, he did so for a particular group of people. This group is variously referred to as his people, the church, the many, his sheep, the children of God, and his friends. They are the ones whom the Father has given to the Son before he came to earth, and whom the Father draws so that they come to the Son, who then grants them eternal life. Drawn from every tribe and language and people and nation, they are the sheep for whom the Good Shepherd lays down his life and who will share in the intra-Trinitarian love and glory. The Son glorifies the Father by doing the work of the Father, which is to accomplish effectively the salvation of those whom the Father gave him.   This article is by Matthew S. Harmon and is adapted from   From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective   edited by David Gibson and Jonathan Gibson .

  • He Provides Manna One Day at a Time

    Be careful to follow every command I am giving you today, so that you may live and increase and may enter and possess the land the LORD promised on oath to your ancestors. Remember how the LORD your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands. He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD. Your clothes did not wear out and your feet did not swell during these forty years. Deuteronomy 8:1-4 When God provided the miraculous manna, he provided just enough. The description’s pretty precise. Those who gathered a lot had nothing left over, and those who gathered a little had enough. Then he gave them a curious command: “No one is to keep any of it until morning” ( Exodus 16:19 ). Why would God forbid leftovers? What’s wrong with taking a little initiative and gathering enough manna for a couple days or weeks? Here’s my take on the manna miracle: The manna was a daily reminder of their daily dependence on God. God wanted to cultivate their daily dependence by providing for their needs on a daily basis. Nothing’s changed. We want a one-week or one-month or one-year supply of God’s provision, but God wants us to drop to our knees every day in raw dependence on him. And God knows that if he provided too much too soon, we’d lose our spiritual hunger. He knows we’d stop trusting in our Provider and start trusting in the provision. Spiritual maturity is often confused with independence. It’s the exact opposite. The goal is codependence on God. God didn’t design us to “grow up” and be independent from him. Our desire for self-sufficiency is a subtle expression of our sinful nature. It’s a desire to get to a place where we don’t need God, don’t need faith, don’t need a local church home, and don’t need to pray. We want God to provide more so we need him less. That’s just not the way it’s supposed to work. Drawn from the NIV Bible for Teen Guys . Article from The Circle Maker Student Edition by Mark Batterson with Parker Batterson, copyright © 2012 by Mark Batterson, published by Zondervan.

  • Jesus’ Example of Living Life to the Fullest

    Living in this broken world, people know defeat all too well. Everyone has experienced a relationship where someone let them down, or a situation that didn’t work out the way they hoped. These moments of disappointment or frustration reveal the tragic fact that this world is deeply flawed. Even though believers live in the hope of the resurrection and the victorious life that Jesus promises through his Spirit, he still calls us to live in this world, where we experience death, brokenness, mourning and pain (in contrast to the coming kingdom: Revelation 21:4 ). Jesus’ resurrection reveals to believers the true way to life. Those who think that the abundant life consists of finding one’s way around suffering and hardship have a misguided perception of what Jesus promised. Jesus’ life and example teach that the way to a full life consists of service, hardship, opposition, pain and suffering. Believers look at Jesus’ life and see that God’s best plan for his Son was to stay close to him through the most unimaginable of circumstances. The New Testament shows many times over that God was with his Son until the end, when Jesus took our sin upon himself and suffered on the cross. But the good news is God didn’t leave his Son in the grave! Because Jesus submitted to the point of death, and then defeated death, he paved the way for all people to find eternal life. By submitting himself to death, Jesus found life. “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it” ( Mark 8:35 ). It’s only in surrendering to his will and his way that believers actually find the fullness of life as God intended it. In all of this, Jesus is victorious. He was, is, and will always be undefeated by sin, by death and by the grave. His victory is found in the fact that he was, and is, a selfless servant. In graciously giving his life, he also created a pathway to the life that is truly life eternal. Drawn from The Jesus Bible, NIV .

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  • Cynthia's Prayer Room | My Site

    WELCOME TO CYNTHIA'S PRAYER ROOM! We serve an awesome God who is always on our side! Because of His mercy and His grace, those in Christ Jesus are Most Blessed! Here in Cynthia's Prayer Room we delight in going before the throne of Grace to commune with Our Father, and to receive strength for the day ahead. Join me as we touch heaven! ​ Keep on praying, keep on praising, God has a plan! YOU BELIEVED GOD FOR HEALING, BUT THEY DIED ANYWAY! Have you ever prayed fervently for a loved one who was sick in body or mind, only to watch them slip away? Is your faith shaken; or has anger at God seeped in? Sometimes, beloved, we who are born-again, dyed in the wool Christian believers, cannot understand why our prayers are not answered in the way we prayed. When the definitive answer of death becomes a reality; or when that person, if saved, is now with the Lord, all manner of thoughts and feelings can flood our souls. Not only death; but there are those who are afflicted even now with sickness, disease, a thorn in the side, or some malady that simply will not heal. No-one wants to talk about the frustration of praying and not seeing manifested healing because we're afraid of being called out as ones with little or dwindling faith. I wanted to say to all of us this morning, that God is Sovereign. He knows the plan for your loved one. And although He hears our prayers, the answer sometimes is: for whatever the reason, now is the time for that one to go to their eternal home. Acceptance can be hard, and the feelings of confusion or doubt need to be dealt with. See, the enemy of our souls would like to drive a wedge between us and God's unchanging love for us by making us doubt. The other thing the enemy has a PHD in is trying to convince us, through planting thoughts, ideas and suggestions in our heads, to believe that God does not hear our prayers. You see, the devil hates a praying saint, and loves a prayer-less one. He delights when we hesitate to pray. The truth is, God is sovereign. He sees the entire plan. ​ The Bible says that His thoughts are not our thoughts; His ways not our ways! We need to be "modern day Job (s)"; to be just like the man who suffered loss that boggles the mind; loss that transcends imagination. And yet, he made the ultimate statement: "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." In other words, yet will I hope in Him. ​ For me, I prayed for so many to live: my father, my sister, my brother, now, my mother as well (over many years), and they are all with Jesus. Yet, I must not forget the prayers for my own life, and prayers I've prayed for so many others throughout the years that were answered exceedingly. As a follower of Christ Jesus for over 45 years, I've had too many answered prayers to try to number them. God has fulfilled His promise time and time again to walk with me through the valley of the shadow of death. He has delivered me, and answered my prayers to deliver others, time and time again! Therefore, when the time comes that someone I love goes home to be with the Lord, I know that there is a blessing in it. For example: For one person I loved dearly, the sickness, I believe could have meant death long ago without the prayers of the righteous. But she lived to see her children grow up, and to see the birth and growth of her grand-children; God sustaining her through it all. And, in the recent example of my mother's transition, she was 95 years old, kept by God through incredible circumstances: widowed over 40 years ago; blessed to find love again and marry for another long time, and she was blessed to pray and praise Jesus for as long as I can remember. Yes, we prayed that she be healed for another sprint, but 95 years, serving God for most of it, represents a life overflowing with blessings! Today, my only thought is that mommy is with the Lord now: that she sees daddy; she sees her second husband, her children that went before her, and all the aunts and uncles that reached heaven through the years. What an awesome reunion of souls!!! So, as a wrap-up: I believe that when we pray, we're making the ultimate statement to God that we trust Him with our very lives. And, that we accept His decisions whether we hear them as yes, no, or wait. I truly believe many in the Body of Christ grapple with this sometimes perplexing subject; and there should be seminars taught in churches to unpack the command to pray; as well as our acceptance of answered prayer whether it be yes, no or wait. Although there are too many scriptures to count on this subject of faith and trust in the Lord's sovereignty, I leave you with Hebrews 10:23: "Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering (for He is faithful that promised)”. So, pray beloved, without ceasing, and know beyond doubt that God hears you and answers every prayer. His answers are always based in love; and He always has the best interest of that person we're praying for, foremost in His heart. But at the end of the day, He is God; and God alone! Have an awesome day in the Lord! Pray about everything today, and worry about nothing! And prayerfully, I'll see you again in "Cynthia's Prayer Room". Love you; Cki. Walk in Your Calling! When God calls you, don't worry about what you bring to the table in the natural. ​ God is the architect of our lives. He has it all mapped out, we simply need to yield to it. ​ About 23 years ago, Marco and I began a journey with the Lord. An amazing Pastor saw something in us that we were not sure how to navigate at the time. ​ In 2001, we were both ordained as Ministers and Evangelists, and we fought hard against the title out of misguided dilemmas about our own gifts. However, for years now, we have done the work of evangelists through our teachings, our website, and our published books. And, of course we are living the life that Christ Jesus ordained for us. ​ Yesterday, in the middle of a noisy moment in my life, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit reminding me of the ordination by this wonderful woman of God, our mentor and friend, Pastor Gloria Cherry. This woman was a dynamo for God! ​ Yesterday, as I communicated with her daughter, who is now Pastor of the church, she described her mother as a visionary; and for us that is definitely the truth! ​ Our prayer is to continue to honor God's faith in us, as well as Pastor Cherry's faith in us, to do the work of ministry each day of our lives. And, to encourage others to walk in your calling. ​ There is a wonderful phrase floating around, "God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called." Let that sink in, and with holy boldness, walk in your calling. ​ God also opens the doors. So, don't worry about the next opportunity, take care of the now! Run your race, keep the faith, and someday we'll see Jesus face to face. (2 Tim. 4:7; 1 Cor. 13:12). ​ Today, we embrace all of what God designed for our lives. We receive the designation of Evangelists, as we continue to lift up the name of Jesus everywhere we go. To God be the glory for the great things He has done, and continues to do in all our lives! ​ Have a wonderful day. God bless each one of you as you walk in your calling. ​ Much love, Evangelists Marco and Cynthia Inniss. Grace is Extravagant; And So Are You! Life in the Kingdom of God is excessively awesome; magnificently crafted, beyond our ability to fully comprehend the mind of God! ​ What an extravagant God we serve. The word extravagant means beyond reasonable expectation; more than is normally given; giving a gift that is uncharacteristically generous. ​ Well, there will never be another gift that meets the above criteria like that of God giving His Son Jesus to save our souls!!! And, in order for us to receive this gift to the full, we must first accept it, truly accept it as our passport to freedom! ​ There is a thing called sin that separates men and women from God. This sin thing was so insidious that God had to deal with it. ​ I believe that in order to fully comprehend the benevolence and salvation of Grace, we must have an understanding of the horrific consequences of the sin that separated us from God. ​ Sin is something that God hates. It corrupts the souls of men, and causes lives to often implode and even explode, rather than living lives of productivity. ​ All of mankind suffered this same malady. Sin entered the Garden of Eden, and man was never the same again. Until, extravagance came in the person of Jesus. ​ He was sent by God to live a life before men that exemplified the character of God Himself. The Bible tells us that Jesus was the "fullness of the Godhead bodily." But, we know that Jesus walked the dusty roads of earth as a man. ​ He set aside deity to experience what we experience, temptations and all. Jesus was tempted in all points like us, yet He lived without sin! He demonstrated the power of Almighty God that flows through yielded men, by the power of the Holy Spirit! ​ That same power is available today to all who accept the extravagant gift of Grace that broke the bonds of sin; and opened the door of access to God! Now, we read the precious words of Apostle Paul written in Romans 8, "What can separate us from the Love of God?" The answer he gives is an emphatic, nothing; nothing can separate us from the love of God, found in Christ Jesus! ​ I hope you are dancing with joy, laughing with glee, singing songs of praise, because Grace has obliterated the heaviness of sin! Although sin still exists and still chases after the believer, Grace has given us the opportunity to repent and be cleansed by a Loving God who calls us His own. ​ The gift of Jesus keeps right on giving! Bless God, we are the recipients of this amazing love; this incredible power that surges throughout our minds and bodies, and of the hope of eternal life with God and Christ Jesus forever! ​ Let's pray: Almighty, Creator God, who is our Father, thank You for the cross of Calvary. Thank You for Your plan of Salvation that is so extravagant. You gave the best that You had, Your precious Son, Jesus. ​ We are so grateful for the obedience of Jesus, when He had the option to call legions of angels to rescue Him, He chose us; He chose the joy set before Him. ​ We will not forget, as we go through our days and deal with trials and troubles, that You have made a way for us to tread on those issues and to tread on the adversary who is Satan. Thank You Jesus, that because of Your finished work, He is under our feet. ​ So, we walk in the power of the resurrection today, maintaining the victory that Jesus won over 2,000 years ago: victory over sin; victory over principalities and powers, over rulers of darkness, and over spiritual wickedness in the high places! For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the plans and purposes of the enemy and his minions of evil. ​ So, Father, today some will re-enlist in the army of the LORD; others will re-dedicate their lives to the cause of Christ, and I pray all of us will open the extravagant gift of Salvation every morning and exclaim: "Hello Jesus!" ​ In the mighty, holy, almighty name of Jesus, the Anointed One, and in the power of His anointing I pray this prayer unto You, Lord God. Amen . ​ Remember: "Grace is extravagant! Beautiful, talented, anointed men and women of God, there is tucked deep inside of you purpose and destiny. Never let go of your birthright, for He who has promised is faithful! Love always, Cki. ​ Get out of the "Bondage" Zone!!! The Bible is full of wisdom. We are told that we can prosper and be in health the same as our souls prosper. ​ So, what is the soul? The soul houses our mind, our will to do, and our emotions. As you can see, that's our "want-to," the seat of all your decision making. ​ Why am I in this place, when I signed up for peace, joy, and prosperity in Jesus Christ? Well, there can be something called "inherent poverty" lurking just beneath the surface of your heart. ​ In the past you always chalked up failures to other people. It's the government's fault; your parent's fault; a spouse. Somebody, somewhere put stumbling blocks in your way, hell-bent on keeping you from your inheritance in life. ​ So, you came into the Kingdom searching for answers, but not exactly willing to surrender your mind, will and emotions to the Holy Spirit for cleansing. ​ I am well aware of the struggle to let go, and let God! The struggle to give up the person-ality that I constructed, to allow God to show me who I am as He created me. We need a barometer for the soul! ​ There are measuring tools for everything else: the weather; the stock market; for measuring the health of the financial world. So, if the Stock Market can measure the health of the financial markets, and a barometer for atmospheric pressure, then why not a measure for the soul? ​ Well, 3rd John, 2 in the Holy Scriptures says: Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers." So, you hold the key! Only you can submit your soul to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit, so that the methods of the world can be changed to the methods of God! ​ We hold our future in our hands. Someone made the famous statement that insanity is doing the same thing expecting a different result. If we rise up each day, ignore the promptings of the Holy Spirit to change and walk in the wisdom of God, we will go to bed each night the same, living life in futility. ​ But God! God has laid out in His word all the wisdom we need to effect lasting change in our life. Just remember: You are right now prospering the same as your soul (mind, will and emotions) are prospering. ​ So, if there is to be change, we must embrace the accounts of God leading His people out of different bondage situations (the most famous might be Egyptian bondage). Moses and the people began a journey from a poverty of spirit mentality to a reaping, expectant power of spirit mentality. And that is what God wants for all of us! ​ There are some Moses (s) out here; there are some David (s) out here, and some Esther (s) out here, and numerous ministers-to-be out here. There are doctors-to be; sports players to-be, teachers to-be, out here. Persons who, from a yielded soul will impact the world for God. Persons whose lives can stretch, expand and grow to a place never before imagined. ​ God is an awesome God! He created this day; He created us; He created everything good that exists, and He stands ready to develop His people into dynamic images of Christ Himself. ​ It's all up to us. Will you surrender today and never turn back? Life out of the bondage zone, is what living is all about. It is God's heart-felt desire for me and for you! Allow this conversation to change how you view you, and how you view God's love for you. ​ Let's pray: Father, we adore You this morning. We are grateful for Jesus and salvation. Thank You Father, that in this sometimes crazy world, we can fall back on Your love, knowing that You will catch us. ​ Today, Father we comprehend the width, breadth, height, depth of Your love for us. Sending Your Son sealed it. Any reservations we might have had were resolved when we heard about the cross. ​ We are persuaded, convinced that we can be more than we ever thought we could be because of the power of the cross. Father, today, I declare that I will never again settle for life in the bondage zone. ​ I will submit my will to the Holy Spirit, and allow my mind to be transformed by the word of God. And, I will not look back, rehearsing old wounds, but I resolve to go forward to this new place of immediate riches, immediate favor, and immediate promotion , because access to You through salvation made all of this possible to me, right now, in Jesus' name. Amen . ​ Remember, life outside the bondage zone does not mean we will never have another problem, but it does mean that we will view the problem in a different way. Our pastor for many years always said, "How you see the problem, is the problem." ​ So, let's view the problems that come, through a new lens, colored by the power of the blood of Jesus! Let's walk in every promise from a God who cannot lie, and cannot fail! Let's show forth His praise in our lives, that He will be glorified. ​ Let's keep the enemy under our feet where Jesus labored on the cross to put him. Let's walk in victory today, because Jesus the Christ prevailed so we can overcome every obstacle to happiness, joy and service in our lives. ​ God bless you as you begin a new week. God loves you, and so do I. Love always, Cki. ​ ​ Inner Healing: Healing the Brokenhearted! As miraculous as it sounds, the inner man can be healed. The hurts that rule your life can exit your life in a holy instant. ​ I feel some push-back at the thought that something you've carried in your heart for so many years can become a suddenly in the hands of God; but beloved, it can happen! ​ My heart breaks for us when we carry hurts from childhood into adulthood, wearing them on our sleeves as some kind of trophy. We allow the past to control our now, when God stands ready to massage our hearts and get them going again. ​ Many people (even Christians) today, turn to methods outside the church to find solace, not fully understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in their life. ​ 10, 20 years on the couch can bring momentary relief, but why such a long time without a permanent solution for the pain? The answer is, the Holy Spirit. He is here for such a time as this in your life! ​ The Holy Spirit works within you for free! And, His work is guaranteed. When you lay bare the pain or even open the door to allow the Holy Spirit to shine the light on the source of the pain, healing begins. ​ We all accept that a broken bone can heal physically. But, have you ever noticed that the doctor doesn't just lay his hand on the bone to fuse it together or whatever is required? The doctor might show you the X-ray and explain the amount of time he believes it will take for the fracture or break to heal. But there is a super-natural component that he/she is just not capable of wielding, unless by and through the divine power of God. ​ Well, there is a spiritual parallel here between physical and spiritual breaks: The same as there are physical fractures or breaks; there are spiritual or mental traumas that we experience along the way in life. We don't visit a doctor to find out how many years will pass before healing takes place in our souls. And even if we did, that person is only human, no matter how many degrees hang on the wall. ​ That person is limited if they lack the Spirit of God moving within them or upon them to bring light and wisdom into the situation. ​ The Holy Spirit can expose for you the source of your pain and touch it to make you whole. So, I submit to you this morning, that the only way to wholeness of the soul is through Jesus Christ's power. ​ Jesus announced that the Spirit of God was upon Him, and one of the things He was charged with was healing the brokenhearted. This speaks of inner healing. Jesus depended on the power of the Holy Spirit (the power of God) to massage the heart to jump-start it and get it going again. ​ What I'm saying this morning is that through us, through the ministers of God's salvation message, and through the dynamic and penetrating message of Grace that details God's depth of love for us all, we can be healed of past hurts! ​ The hurts that define your life can be healed and made whole! This is vital because these hurts are a form of blockage that keep spiritual blood from flowing to the heart. God can provide a "holy by-pass" that will remove or flow in spite of scar tissue that's built up. ​ Would you like to be free of old wounds? Would you like to experience new life without old pain? If so, let go and let God; stop hiding the pain, pushing it down, pretending it's not the driving force in your life. Give that thing to Jesus! ​ Psalms 147:3: "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." ​ And; there is no charge! The love of God, the heart massage, all of it is free of charge, compliments of Jesus' death and resurrection on the cross! ​ When Jesus cried out, "It is finished," from the high place of the cross, healing and wholeness were complete in Him. ​ So, if you have allowed condemnation to keep you from entering the presence of God, from engaging the Holy Spirit, or even from receiving God's love through His ministers, let today be the day you walk in boldly; that you ask for, and receive the healing balm of Jesus' love. ​ Let's pray: "Lord, I lift up my friend to You, asking You to reveal the source of all pain. Lord, we know that You already know the events of our lives, those that brought lasting pain. ​ Father, as you massage his/her heart, help them to understand that unforgiveness is bondage; carrying hatred bottled up inside is bondage. Bondage becomes a stronghold. ​ Father, I pray in this moment that strongholds are coming down. Persons are being refreshed, renewed and revived by the revelations of peace that can only come through the Holy Spirit revealing Your truth. ​ So, Father, I pray that each one will come to understand that no matter what they've done in the past, repentance will bring forgiveness from You; and Father, You have promised to cleanse them from all unrighteousness. Therefore condemnation that justifies destructive behaviors can leave their lives completely. Thank You, Father, for this moment of liberation; this moment where freedom can enter the heart of anyone who is willing to leave behind the pain, the hurts that have held them captive for so long now. ​ I thank You Father, for every healing that takes place here today: for every demonic spirit chased out; for every kernel of bitterness removed; and for every good thing the enemy stole restored. In Jesus' mighty name I pray, amen. ​ I pray you are rejoicing, and I am rejoicing with you that today is the beginning of something magnificent in your life. T Today, you begin to reach your full potential because forgiveness of others and of self now flood your heart, freeing you to function without condemnation or bitterness, opening the flood-gates to new life and victory in Jesus Christ! ​ Blessings always, Cki. ​ ​ Morning Light: Eternity is Real! Last night for some was not a breeze. Perhaps you had something on your heart that kept you awake. Even though you know how to pray, the words were stuck in the back of your throat. ​ Well, God has given you another day to rejoice in. Because you have breath in your body, you can also have pep in your step; glide in your stride; it's all about choice. ​ My days are not without problems in this world; trials and tribulations come many times even through associations. Maybe your life is just fine, but when you love people, you hurt when they hurt. ​ What happens when the sun goes down on the life of a loved one; when you realize that on this side of heaven you will not hear the sound of laughter so familiar from that voice? ​ Or, what happens when a marriage ends and you realize that never again will you share matters of the heart together; family events will never be the same again? ​ Sounds sad? Well, today. we want to acknowledge the fact that life is a precious gift that God has wrapped up in anointing oil and given to each of us through the blood of Jesus. ​ We want to remember that life is fleeting, that you might not have another year to get it right with those you love. ​ And what about getting it right with God Himself, by receiving His Son Jesus and becoming a conduit for the Gospel message? The Bible says, "It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment." ​ In other words, a time will surely come in everyone's life when life as we know it, on this planet, will cease. ​ Christians who love like Jesus ache at the thought that someone you love might not receive Jesus as Savior and Lord; that eternal life will not be their reality. ​ You see, heaven is a real place, beloved. Here's what Jesus said about it: "I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there you may be also." ​ Once upon a time, someone wrote the following poignant lyrics from the point of view of one who is in heaven looking around for loved ones: "When I finally make it home, and I stand before the throne, just be there. When I look around to see, if you're standing next to me, just be there." ​ Those lyrics are powerful! The visual the song evokes is so strong that it lights a fire under all of us to spread the Gospel message; and to love as Jesus loves. Let’s pray: ​ Abba, Father, we’ve gathered together on this 23rd day of April, 2024, hungry and thirsty for Your word. Father, Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. ​ Father, You said, and I believe it, that we can approach the throne of Grace with boldness. You said, and I believe it, that we can ask what we will and when we believe without doubt, we shall have it. ​ So, today, we ask that this fellowship will yield healing, growth, and development in our thinking; that joy will arise and replace any sadness or depression. ​ Father, You promised that as we stand firm on Your word, that Your word shall not return unto You vain or void, but it will produce in our lives precisely what You intended. ​ Father, You are an ever-present help in time of trouble. We ask You to be the source of resurrected hope and encouragement; let us all see Your love in action as we turn to You. Let our lives experience renewal, and complete restoration in every area of our lives.. ​ We pray that through the move of Your Holy Spirit, each precious soul on this line will exchange mourning for joy; the spirit of heaviness for praise. ​ Father, I thank You for those who are here, ready to absorb new revelation. We pray that the words we speak will be a catalyst for change, for moving forward in Christ Jesus. ​ Tonight, I pray for all those whose loved ones have transitioned. Please Father, wrap the families in Your arms of love and comfort. Let Your peace pervade their hearts and minds, reminding them that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning light." ​ Father, we ask all in the name above every name, the name of Jesus, the Christ, who was, and is, and is to come. In His name we pray; glory to God; amen. ​ If you prayed that prayer with me today, your day has just taken a turn for the victorious. Watch as problems become opportunity; and sadness turns to joy, because you know (deep inside) in whom you have believed. ​ Make it a good day by speaking the Word only over every situation you encounter! ​ Love you, Cki . Hold Your Position! Spiritual Warfare is a whole other Subject; but it's worth it! When we speak of warring in the Spirit, the devil's ears perk up, because he knows what's coming! ​ The whole scheme of the devil is to keep the mouth of God's children closed through whatever means necessary. Mind games, temptations, and ego manipulations, anything that will take our eyes off of God and His majestic character and holiness. ​ See, this world is not anchored in the word of God. You can see by the mess man has created that he is looking at things through a different lens. ​ There are things happening today on the political scene, and even in backyards where we shake our heads in wonderment that something so vile could ever be acceptable in our culture. ​ Well, to those who read and believe the Bible is the word of God, the answer is clear, that man will never know peace, true love, or comfort until knees bow. ​ So, today, we pray a prayer of warfare. We are bold and courageous as we declare and decree the promises of God! God's promises are the only "yes, and amen" in existence. God's word is more solid than Fort Knox where gold is stored! ​ Let's pray: Father, we thank You for the privilege of prayer. To be able to cast our cares upon You is more precious than all the gold and silver, because You care for us. ​ Father, we thank You for the power and the authority to war in the Spirit. We thank You that our fight is the good fight of faith. That we wrestle not against people, but against the wicked one and his battalion of evildoers. ​ Thank You Father, that we have salvation on our tongues; death and life are in the power of our tongues, therefore we speak life to our life now, by speaking the powerful words of healing and deliverance that You have provided us. ​ Today, O Lord God, we will not walk in darkness (make it personal), we will not stumble, and we will never fall without rebounding! Father, today, I decree and declare that I am the head and never the tail; that I will rise victoriously over every enemy and over those who will try to confound me. ​ I declare and decree that when the wicked try to eat up my flesh, they will stumble and fall. I stand in the power of Your word, therefore I declare that it shall be well with me and my family. ​ Father, I declare over my body and over all those in my sphere, that our bodies will line up with Your creative plan for every cell and every system, that they will line up with the intent of God, functioning in accordance with Your divine plan. ​ Father, we go forth in holy boldness, declaring and decreeing that we are victorious, overcoming warriors, who face this day with peace in our hearts and joy on our lips, for You have made us glad. ​ In the powerful and precious name of Jesus we pray, amen and amen. ​ "Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and those who love it shall eat the fruit thereof." ​ Love you, Cki. ​ Let's Pray the Bible! I'm calling today, "Sanctified Sunday!" A day set aside for simplified prayer; prayers that emanate from the core of our hearts, and that line up with the promises of God.​ ​ You know, there are many who struggle with prayer, thinking that the whole thing is just too hard for them. I am currently working on a new book called: "The Unsophistication of Prayer," which examines the reluctance of those who view prayer as a tedious task requiring a soliloquy full of pompous or pretentious thoughts and ideas, to pray.​ ​ The truth of the matter is that God wants to hear from our hearts. He loves us enough that through Jesus, He gave us a pattern to use for our prayers. But there is also space there to be you, communing with God, speaking to Him and listening for His answers.​ In addition to what is referred to as "The Lord's Prayer, there are so many other scriptures that we can pray, that allow us to learn how to think like God, and to pray His promises back to Him.​ ​ Yes, right there in Scripture are numerous prayers, such as Numbers 6:24-26. Imagine praying this often used benediction as a prayer:​ ​ Father, I ask You to bless me and my family, and to keep us. Father, make Your face shine down upon us, continue to be gracious to us. Father, lift up Your countenance upon us, and grant us Your peace. In Jesus' precious name, I pray, Amen . ​ ​ We have asked God in earnest; and with simplicity, to fulfill His promises to us and our families (and you can broaden your scope as much as you desire in that moment: my church group, my co-workers, etc.).​ You have asked God to fill those you are praying for with peace that surpasses understanding; and for the presence of God to permeate their lives. Those are blessings from God that we, by faith, appropriate.​ ​ And that's just one prayer; there are many! Here's one from Psalm 19 that is so powerful. You see, sin and repentance will never go away in this life; we must always ask God to help us deal with sin.​ ​ The word of God tells us that sin has consequences, no matter who commits it. Therefore, we must be sober and vigilant, because we have an adversary who is roaming about; I say he is salivating, hoping to devour us! So, we pray:​ ​ Father, I love You so much; I desire to live according to Your precepts. I recognize they were given to me to protect me and to keep me from harm.​ Father, I praise You in this moment, for You, O Lord, reveal Yourself to us constantly, through creation and through Your word. Your word, Father, is a lamp to my feet and a light to my pathway. Your word, Father, revives my soul; rejoices my heart, enlightens my eyes and is greater than gold and sweeter than honey. ​ ​ Father, keep me from willful sins. Do not let them have dominion over me. Help me, by Your Holy Spirit to walk blameless and upright. Let the words of my mouth, Father, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Your sight, for You are my rock, my strength, and my redeemer. In Jesus' name I pray, amen. ​ ​ There is what I call "night seasons" in our lives, times when we are confronting fear and we need relief. Psalm 91 is definitely the place to go to confirm God's promise and power of protection over His children. ​ Let's pray: ​ Jehovah Jireh (Provider); Jehovah Shalom (God of Peace); I worship You now. I thank You that though You created it all, You chose to bring me into the circle of love with You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and for that I am forever grateful.​ ​ Father, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me in this hour. You bring me comfort and guidance. So, today/tonight as I fight the good fight of faith against all the noises coming at me from the enemy, I shall not fear, but remember that You did not give me a spirit of fear, but Father, You gave me power, love and a sound mind.​ ​ As I walk in the constant reinforcement of Your promise, I give this troubling situation to You, and I will not pick it up again. I count it as done because of the promises of the blood of Jesus.​ ​ Thank You Lord, for Your loving sacrifice of Your Son to bring me life everlasting. I am walking in the power of the resurrection and I will not entertain renegade thoughts that do not line up with Your word. ​ ​ Father, tonight, I will enjoy sweet sleep, because Your promises are yes and amen to the believer. Lord, I believe! In Jesus' name I pray and ask all blessings, amen and amen. ​ ​ As pointed out above, there are numerous prayers in the Bible that can be a great help to us when we pray. Psalm 23 is legend. Let's look at one way to pray within that Psalm:​ ​ YAHWEH, what a mighty God You are! No wonder the angels cry, holy, holy holy. You are my best friend and my Shepherd. You have given me a resting place inside Your luxurious love.​ You restore my soul Father, Your mercies are new every morning, Your faithfulness is great. Father, I desire to bring honor to Your name. Teach me Your precepts by the power of Your Holy Spirit.​ ​ No matter where my path takes me, through a valley of the deepest darkness, fear will not overwhelm me. I walk in Your authority and truth. Father, You have become my delicious feast. When my enemies dare to fight, You anoint me with the fragrance of Your Holy Spirit; You give me all I can drink of You until my cup runs over.​ ​ Father, You have promised that goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and that I will dwell in Your house forever. Thank You Father, in the name of Jesus, Your Son, my Lord and Savior , I pray, amen . ​ ​ There are too many scriptures to count that we can pray. We personalize them, keeping them in line with God's word. And, we include our fears, our problems, and we never forget to praise and give thanks for the richness of the Word of God, and for our delight in having access to the throne-room of grace.​ In Jesus name we pray, and continue on this course of strengthening our relationship with our Father. ​ May God bless each of you, and may prayer time become the best time. ​ ​ Love you, Cki. Praying against Cancer To God be the glory! This is early morning, prayer time; the best kind. When the enemy tries to interrupt our sleep; or, when God's Holy Spirit awakes us gently to pray; we make the most of it!​ We're praying against cancer this morning, all cancers. As the world seeks the cure for this deadly disease, we know that we have found the cure, it is found in the Name of Jesus. The cure was uncovered at the cross. Let us pray: ​ Jehovah Rapha, our healer, we call upon You once again as we come against cancer. Glorious Father, You are our Healer and Your word declares healing is the children's bread; that by the stripes (wounds) of Jesus we were healed. ​ So, Father, by the authority of the Name of Jesus, we decree that all forms and types of cancer within the bodies of Your people will no longer have dominion. We command cancers of every kind to wither and dry up, in the Name of Jesus. We declare these cancers (breast cancer; bladder cancer; cancer of the kidney; cancers considered terminal: pancreatic cancers; prostate cancers; cancers of the stomach or lymph nodes null and void. We curse every name named that would try to exalt itself against the knowledge of God. We declare all cancers to be interlopers; no longer on ground that will yield to them. We cancel the devil's assignment to destroy their bodies. We declare that all malignant and abnormal cells are dying, no longer dividing or spreading within the body In Jesus' name, Father, we place our trust in You who created worlds out of nothing. Therefore, Jehovah Rapha, we declare life and restoration into their bodies, now, in Jesus mighty name; the Name above all names. By faith, we declare complete and total healing of their immune system. We come against fear, declaring that You are their light and their salvation; therefore they will not be afraid. Let fear fail in the face of faith. ​ Father, let sweet sleep descend upon those battling cancer as faith arises within their hearts. We look forward to testimony after testimony of the goodness of God as Your people are healed. To You, O Lord, be all the praise, all the honor, and all of the glory, amen. ​ ​ Let us Pray It's prayer time! So, let us join hands together spiritually, and enter boldly before the throne of God as children of the Most High God who are qualified by the blood of Jesus that covers us: ​ Father, we bless Your holy name today. We praise You Father, for You are Elohim, creator of all things, judge of all men. ​ You are the God who is all-sufficient; El Shaddai. You are our Jehovah God: the God of peace (Jehovah Shalom); the God of provision (Jehovah Jireh); our righteousness (Jehovah Tsidkenu); the God who heals us (Jehovah Rapha). ​ We have come to receive every blessing today made possible through the blood of Jesus. Father, we pray that Your glory will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea. Let Your glory fill this place; fill these temples Lord with Your Spirit. ​ Father, thank You for Jesus, for our Savior and LORD. Jesus died that we might have life and that more abundantly. Jesus arose that we might live. Jesus arose that we might arise. ​ Father, by Your Spirit, help us to be strong and mighty through the strength of Jesus. Help us to open our eyes to our new estate as ambassadors of the Most High God. That we might be the eyes and ears of Jesus on earth; that we might be the hands of Jesus, touching those who are hurting, those who are sick and seeing healing manifest in each life. ​ Father, we accept that we are the Body of Christ, and as we work in tandem, on one accord, Your purpose will be done on earth same as in heaven. ​ Thank You Father, that You have fully equipped Your people to command our mornings, to set our agendas according to Your directions. ​ As we go forth into our diverse workplaces and other pursuits, let us be ever mindful of Your grace, of Your mercy towards us, and of the mandate You've given us to go into all the world and preach the gospel. ​ Hallelujah, Father! We expect to see blind eyes open; deaf ears unstopped, new hearts, new livers, new kidneys, cells cleansed and renewed. We fully expect to see Your Kingdom in operation throughout this world. ​ So, Father, let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord You are our strength and our redeemer. In Jesus' name, we pray, thank You Lord God, amen . ​ "Jesus, full of grace and truth; we want to be like Him." "God is interested in construction, not destruction! Glory to God! What an awesome privilege to join you in Cynthia's Prayer Room, where Jesus is LORD. I pray everyone is having a most blessed day as you encounter the King of Kings and Lord of Lords today. ​ There's a song on my heart this morning, especially the CeCe Winans version of: "Goodness of God," where the lyrics speak of God's constant presence; His faithfulness; that He has been so, so good throughout life.​ That's a truth that cannot be disputed. Our God is benevolent; He is our sustenance; He is our provider, protector and our guide. And, with all that in mind, how can anything take place except restoration? ​ ​ There is a deconstruction that is necessary in the life of the believer. It is a deconstruction or breaking down and demolishing the "old man" or the old thought system we operated under while walking in sin. ​ ​ The mind of the Spirit operating in the soul is the goal. God wants to build us up into lively stones. 1st Peter, chapter 2, verse 5 tells us: "You also, as lively stones are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ."​ ​ So, no matter what you've been through, God can restore, renew and rebuild. Yes, God knows everything; He knows the scars, the battle wounds, the broken places within us. He is the Omniscient One who knows how to put every broken piece back where it belongs.​ ​ The end result is that beauty will arise from ashes, more beautiful than ever before. The oil of joy can replace mourning if we'll open our hands and let go of past hurts. But we must draw near to God in the midst of our pain; in the good times and in the not so good times. James 4:8: "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." ​ Remember the old song, "What a Fellowship"? The song-writer says, "I have peace of mind with my Lord so near, leaning on the everlasting arms." Lean on Him today, God is able to withstand every weight.​ Our Jesus died to empower us to walk without bondage. But it will take constantly abiding in His presence to see that peace manifested in your life. ​ Let's pray: ​Heavenly Father, we love You this morning; we adore You; we magnify and honor Your holy name. Father, today I pray for restoration in the lives of everyone hearing this prayer. I pray that divine healing will take place whether physical, mental or spiritual.​ ​ Father, restore joy to that one who is hurting as they draw nigh to You in faith. Let them know, Father, that You are the God that heals; help them to realize the power in the blood of Jesus to break every chain of bondage including sickness and disease.​ ​ Let forgiveness reign supreme in our lives as we jettison every ounce of un-forgiveness from our minds and our hearts. We love You, Father, and our hearts are forever inclined towards You, to live life according to Your precepts to receive the blessings of the Lord right here in the land of the living.​ ​ Father, we ask all blessings in the Name that is above every name, the precious Name of Jesus the Christ, Son of the living God. In His name we pray and agree together, amen and amen .​ ​ Now, beloved, go and be exceedingly blessed. Allow this prayer to change your direction, to strengthen you and to deliver you from any bondage, any other thing not of God.​ ​ Make it a great day! Cki. "Healing is the children's Bread" Good day everyone! I bless the name of the LORD today and every day. Some days are sweeter than others, but each day is the day created by God and we should rejoice and be glad in it. ​ For anyone who is challenged to praise and rejoice today, I just wanted to remind you that you are blessed; you are healed (the healed of God protecting what Jesus died to bring you). ​ You have the breath of God in your lungs; your heart is beating signifying life; therefore, no matter what is happening around you, God has chosen to let you see another day in this earth realm. ​ There were so many who did not awaken to this new day. There are wars and rumors of wars; tragedy at Halloween parties, wars in the middle east; and there are a host of other things to worry about if you choose worry over joy. ​ The Bible tells us that joy is important to the believer: that the joy of the LORD (not just any old artificial joy) is our strength. ​ So, today, let's resolve to open our spiritual eyes and to see through that lens, rather than the physical eyes that see sadness and turmoil. ​ It's a choice that every day we have to make. LORD, we see Your glory everywhere: in nature, in the waters and seas, in the eyes of those we encounter each day. Help us to always see through the proper lenses; to see the beauty and the value of creation. ​ Thank You for the cross of Calvary Father, and for the obedience of Your Son who died for us. No love like that will we ever know from any other source. ​ So, we bless You LORD; our souls cry out Hallelujah to the Lamb of God who cleansed us and removed our sin. ​ This is a debt we can never repay Father, but we can surrender our lives to You, to do Your work. ​ Father, we ask that Your Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth. In gratitude and love, we ask all blessings in the name of Jesus, amen and amen . "AN OPEN DOOR IN 2024!" Prayer changes things. It is the key to the open door of blessings. God has lavishly poured out the ultimate blessing upon every person who will accept it. Jesus died for our sins, to redeem us, to set us free, and to reconcile us to God once again. ​ Now, God has placed in our hands the key to bringing those things that we desire according to the will of God for our lives into manifestation. ​ How? We pray and believe! We begin by praying for the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Today, I want to move away from philosophical discussions or debates and say simply that we need the enabling power of the Holy Spirit in order to walk in full manifestation of the power of ministry. Also, to walk in the power of stability in our own lives. ​ Prayer: Lord, thank You for this empowerment, I will embrace the Holy Spirit as my power source. ​ We have received power to witness now that the Holy Spirit has come upon us. All the healing power, the deliverance power we so desperately crave, it's all found in this holy baptism. Father, I pray for power to walk right, to talk right and to live lives that are pure and holy, tried and true before You in 2024. ​ I pray that everyone agreeing with this prayer will decide that this year is the year of consecration. A year where everything You promised in Your word, Lord God, is made manifest in our lives. ​ In Jesus' holy name I pray and believe that we, each one, shall receive Holy Ghost power. In Jesus' name I pray, amen and amen. ​ I love each of you with all of my heart, and desire that we touch the heights of God's great salvation this year! ​ "To God be the glory for the great things He has done!" ​ All my Love, Cki. ​ "Free to be healed" Glory, glory, glory to God! What an awesome God we serve! Our God sent His Son Jesus from heaven to earth to bring us back into fellowship with Him. ​ And, not only fellowship, but through the blood of Jesus, shed for us at Calvary, the door was opened wide for us to become the Sons of God. ​ Now, God calls us His children; He calls us friend. We are reconciled to Him! ​ Jesus dying on the cross set us free from the sin and condemnation we faced as sinners. ​ Today, that same blood that flowed from His body has washed us clean and brought healing to our hearts and to our bodies. ​ So, let's pray and thank God for His healing power that flows through us even now, filling us with wholeness and divine health not available outside the Kingdom of God. ​ Let's pray: Father, we thank You for Your word that informs us that by the stripes of Jesus we were healed. Those words are the sound of freedom. Man cannot guarantee wholeness, but You can Father. Man cannot through his own strength or reasoning promise to deliver us from an unbroken state to walking in divine health. only You can promise that and deliver Father. ​ So, today, we lift Your name on high, for You have declared that You are the God that heals us. ​ Father, we know that Your word is truth; that You are not a man that You should lie; we know Father, that if You promise, You will bring that thing to pass in our lives. ​ So, we reach out our hands to receive all that Jesus died to secure for us. We employ faith to believe that every promise in the Bible is ours; and that every promise is yes and amen to the believer. ​ We thank You Father that by Your power and by the illumination of the Holy Spirit, we are believers and not doubters, therefore able to see that thing You promised come to pass in our lives. ​ Father, again we give thanks for all that You've done in our lives; for all that You are doing; and for all You will continue to do as we yield to Your sovereignty. ​ It is in the name of Your precious Son Jesus, the One who came to earth, lived and demonstrated Your love and power; and then died to rise again, that we pray and ask all blessings. Amen "Women are a Unique Treasure" "But we know we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God , and not of us." 2 Cor. 4:7 ​ I want to pray for the women of God this morning. I want you to know that you are precious to God, more so than the greatest, most expensive gold or silver. ​ God has crowned you with loving-kindness and tender mercies; He has crowned you with favor which surrounds you like a shield. God desires to shine through your life so that His glory is seen throughout the earth. ​ So, woman of God let your light shine bright before the world; don't doubt the gift God has tucked safely within you. ​ The entire universe is standing on tiptoe, yearning to see the unveiling of God's glorious sons and daughters." Romans 8:19 ​ Will you be one of them? Will you be the one to show forth God's praise; to unveil Jesus to the world through your life? ​ I pray that the answer is a resounding yes! LORD, I will shine the light of Jesus into dark places where the Word has not yet been heard. Use me in Your service LORD, amen and amen. ​ As we pray this prayer together in agreement, I believe heaven hears us and God's power to do is being poured out upon us as we speak. ​ So, have an awesome day in the LORD, and I hope to see you soon, and to hear your testimonies. ​ "God is moving, by His Spirit!; get in the flow!" ​ Much love, Cki. ​ ​

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    Awsome blessings for the New Year 00:00 / 45:57 All Things New 00:00 / 32:04 We're Coming in Hot 00:00 / 30:07 The Mindset of Noah 00:00 / 32:11 Goodness the Essence of God's Character 00:00 / 29:23 New Mercies Every Morning 00:00 / 24:37 Recreated for God’s Glory 00:00 / 35:55 We've entered a brave new world 00:00 / 35:14 Prayer changes things 00:00 / 20:22 Taking back what the Devil Stole.MP3 We do not own the rites to the music on this recording! 00:00 / 42:18 Let God take center stage In Your life Marco & Cynthia 00:00 / 42:03 The Search for True Wealth and Riches.MP3 M & C 00:00 / 49:34 Praise Him above All Else.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 45:35 The Blood Never Loses It's Power.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 40:44 The Joy of the Lord Marco & Cynthia 00:00 / 47:09 protectors of the way 00:00 / 33:06 The Spirit of Thanksgiving 00:00 / 22:02 Praising From the Mind of Christ 00:00 / 31:47 Jesus Loves Me 00:00 / 34:12 Gratitude in the Midst of Pain 00:00 / 21:19 Elohim 00:00 / 39:42 The Cross is Relevant Every Day 00:00 / 26:19 Gratitude Shapes the Heart of a Christian.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 49:31 Freedom 7-6-23.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 32:11 A Balm In Gilead.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 47:26 We Have the Power.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 35:04 Light a Bon Fire.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 37:22 Increasing our Capacity for More.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 32:41 40 Days after the Resurrection.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 37:22 Help I'm Running on E.MP3 Artist Name 00:00 / 47:13

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