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7 Things We Learn About God in Genesis

The opening book of the Bible reveals many of God’s attributes. Gain a better understanding of His character and implications for your own walk with Him as we consider these seven attributes found in Genesis:

1. He Is Enough

In Genesis 15:1, Abram rescued Lot from four marauding kings but refused to accept a reward from the king of Sodom. Rather than settling for temporal treasures, he looked to God for his reward. And God offered the gift of himself. “I am your shield, your very great reward.” To Abram, God was enough.

God is a shield from the enemies of your soul: the pressures of the world, your own selfish desires and the schemes of the devil. He himself is your great reward. Don’t get so busy fighting your personal battles and seeking the world’s goods that you forget that all you need is God. He is enough.

2. He Is Always on Time

In Genesis 18:14 we learn about Abraham and Sarah. They’re old—really old. Yet God still planned to keep his promise to give them a child, right on time. The Lord would come “at the appointed time” and supernaturally enable Sarah to conceive. Too hard? Not for the God who created the universe! Too late? Not God.

Sometimes,, to us a few months seem like a lifetime; years feel like an eternity. But God has a divine planner that’s tailor-made for you. At just the right time, he’ll bring his perfect plan to pass. Nothing is too hard for him. You can trust him. He is always on time.

3. He Is the Bringer of Laughter

In Genesis 21:6 we see that God is not a serious, stone-faced, unsmiling deity. Actually, God invented laughter, and he gives us reason to laugh. Sarah laughed in disbelief when God said she’d have a child—then she laughed with joy after giving birth to her newborn son. And she gave all the credit to God: “[He] has brought me laughter.”

Perhaps you are in a season of tears. For so long you’ve been waiting for a husband, dealing with a disease or mourning a broken relationship. Take heart—he is the bringer of laughter. He can provide a way so that you can laugh—and invite others to laugh along with you.

4. He Is Watching

In Genesis 28:15 Jacob left his home and family and found himself in unfamiliar territory. In those days, people believed that leaving their homeland meant leaving behind their gods. But God inhabited Jacob’s dream to remind him that he couldn’t venture anywhere without God watching over him.

Are you moving into uncharted waters: a new job, city or relationship? Know that God is with you and will keep you. He is watching no matter what may happen. You may have left your comfort zone, but the Comforter goes with you night and day.

5. He Is God Almighty

In Genesis 35:11 God Almighty redirected Jacob to a new home, the promised land. Jacob reacted by encouraging all in his household to purify themselves and destroy their pagan gods (see verse 2). Jacob had to change some things, but consider what he received in return—a royal heritage for his children and a place in the line of Christ.

God Almighty wants you to enter the “promised land,” but that may feel like a risk to you. Step out in faith when he asks you to bury your other gods—those things that rival his rightful place in your heart. He has the power to give you better things in exchange.

6. He Is the Interpreter

Genesis 41:15–16 relates the story of the ancient Egyptians who believed astrology, magic and interpretation of dreams provided the answers for their lives. But Pharaoh’s forecasters had no idea what his dream meant. Only Joseph knew the truth: God would give Pharaoh the answer. Only with God’s help could Joseph interpret the dream.

Have you been looking for truth in all the wrong places? Whether it’s astrology, psychics, talk show hosts or even your friends—they can’t tell you what’s ahead. God is the interpreter, the one with all the answers. If you want life’s mysteries solved, there’s only one place to go.

7. He Is the Blesser

“Blessing” is such an old-fashioned word, but it’s such a right-now need. To bless means to wish God’s care for another person. In Genesis 48:3–4, God blessed Jacob by giving him life, love and land. God is still the blesser today. God gives everyone unconditional love and offers everyone eternal life and a spiritual inheritance.

May God bless you with everything you need to live a rich and full life! May the blesser give you every good thing, starting with eternal life in Jesus Christ. And because you know the blesser, may you in turn declare God’s favor on someone else.

Content drawn from Flourish: The NIV Bible for Women.

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